These dishes are not served with rice & all curry chicken is off the bone breast of chicken

Tandoori Mossala
Hot, medium or mild marinated cubed chiken, thick gravy, mince meat and omelette
Lamb Akbari
Marinated lamb, off the bone, prepared with fresh cream, coconut cream and sultanas
Tandoori Kufta
Marinated spring chicken, off the bone, prepared with fresh cream and mince meat
Chiken Tikka Mossala
Marinated spring chicken off the bone prepared in special recipe
Chicken Patiwala
Chicken Tikka Bhuna medium to mild, served with lots of fried garlic topped with fresh yoghurt
Chicken Chilli Mossala
Chicken Tikka Bhuna hotter than medium, garnished with fresh chillies, tomatos, coriander, onion and garlic
Murgi Mossala
Chicken Bangol Fry
Chicken Green Mossala
Chicken tikka sauce with special spices
Chicken Jhal Fry
Breast of chicken hotter than medium curry, garnished with green pepper & tomato
Makon Chicken
Fresh chicken fillet cooked in butter &fresh cream
Chicken Capsila
Sliced chicken tikka cooked in butter and fresh cream
Chefs Special
Chicken, prawn meat, vegetable & egg prepared with medium spice
Prawn with Mushroom
Chicken, Lamb or Meat with Mushroom Curry
Prepared with mushroom & medium spiced curry sauce
Chicken Kashmiri
Chicken in butter spiced and prepared with sweet mango
Chicken Malaya (Mild)
Chicken in butter spiced and prepared with banana and pineapple
Chicken or Lamb Badam Passanda
Cooked with specially prepared medium/mild sauce together with almond and touch of cream
Bhindi Gosht
Okra cooked with beef medium curry
Buttered Chicken (Hot)
Off the bone spring chicken, barbecued and mixed with butter and special hot sauce
Chicken Rezala
Richly flavoured, made with thick beef or chicken curry with spcies, capsicum, green chilli, fresh tomatoes & onions
Sag Chicken or Gosht
Medium hot and fairly thick beef or chicken curry with spinach
Chicken Samba
Chicken tikka cubes cooked with green chilli dhal & fresh herbs and tomato
Reshmi Chicken
Fillets of marinated chicken, cooked with herbs & yogurt, garnished with almonds
Jerra Chicken
Specially baked tandoori chicken cooked with cream, coconut & hurbs
Chicken Shalimar (Medium)
Chicken cooked with mushrooms, green chilli & cor
Bombay Chicken
Chicken cooked with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Coriander

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