All these dishes include pillaw rice & vegetabel sauce and salad
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik Special
Off the bone, chunky pieces of chicken or Lamb marinated & barbecued topped with mincemeat & fresh cream
Tandoori Mixed Grill
On and off the bone chicken Tikka, kebab, lamb tikka marinated with special tandorri recipe
Tandoori Chicken
Spring chicken marinated with our special recipe
Chicken or Lamb Tikka
Juicy pieces of chicken marinated in a blend of exotic spices
Chicken or Lamb Shashlik
Sliced chicken tikka marinated in spiced yoghurt sauce specially selected indian herbs garnished
with green pepper, tomato and sliced onions.


King Prawn Tikka
Juicy pieces of King Prawn skewered, marinated, spiced and barbecued
Salmon Tikka
Trout Tandoori
Gulda Jinga
Jumbo king prawns fried, mixture with hot spices then cooked in a rich hot sauce, garnished with crispy fried curry leaves
Biran Lal Machli
Fresh rupchanda fish, pan fried with a mixture of spices then cooked with chopped onion, green and red capsicum and coriander seeds.

TANDOORI NAN Levened Bread
Plain Nan
Stuffed Nan
Garlic Nan
Cheese Nan
Keema Nan
Peshawari Nan
Special Nan
Garlic & Cheese Nan

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